In this post, I wanted to also share some of the best ways you can print the downloads to create statement pieces from your home at an affordable cost. We considered selling physical prints, but hope this gives you more flexibility in how large or small you wish to print and accommodates all budgets.

ARTIFACT UPRISING - By far the best quality prints I have come across are from Artifact Uprising. They print on thick high archival paper that captures every detail of a photo or artwork. They offer poster size prints as well that do not lose the quality. Here are all the sizes they offer. I also like how there is an option to print with bleed which is the larger white border around your image.

EASY CANVAS PRINTS - If you would like to print your art on large wrap around canvases like above our living room sofa, the best option I have found is easycanvasprints.com. They are the most affordable for the quality. I printed the black and white floral art duo in size 30 x 40 inches.

COSTCO - Some Costcos have printing centers, and you can upload and order print or poster size options online! They ship right to you or you can pickup in store. I have had a great experience here, and cannot get over the prices. You can't beat $10 for a 20 x 30 inch print!

UPS STORE - Your local UPS Store can also print color or black and white prints. The quality isn't as good as the options listed above, but for the black and white or minimal color prints it works. You can have them printed on cardstock.

OfficeMax - OfficeMax has hight quality printers that can print larger files for you. You can email your local store your files to print and pick up, or bring in a USB drive with your print files. The color outcome is usually pretty accurate.

LOCAL PRINTERS - If you would like a super large print (with an option to print on foam core like pictured above our piano), local printers are your best bet. These are pricier, and depending on if you are getting poster or photo quality the price will differ. 

ENGINEER PRINTS - Believe it or not, a super large black and white engineer print is super inexpensive. 

HOME PRINTERS - If you have a color printer, stick in some cardstock and instantly print your IHOD art prints from home! This would best work by fitting print to frame and printing on 8x11.

We ask that you please do not re-distribute or share any files or artwork. It is meant only for a one download use.